Dear Sirs, I am a lawyer from Sweden and I represent a couple who are a Serbian citizen respectively a Macedonia citizen. They are both of Albanian ethnicity. They apply for asylum here in Sweden. They are not married and they have had a child who was born here in Sweden. They say that it is almost impossible for the child to become a citizen of Serbia or Macedonia since both countries will not register the child as a citizen since the child was not born in Serbia or Macedonia. I have looked for evidence for what they told me. They have given med your homepage as evidence for what they claim regarding to the possibility to register their child if they have to leave Sweden for either Macedonia or Serbia. Could you help me in this matter. I do not understand what you have written on you homepage other than the english part on the first side. Your sincerely, M.M.

Dear Mr  Morsing,

I can’t speak for the law of FYR of Macedonia, but according to the law of Republic of Serbia and Statutes that regulate matters of citizenship, your clients child is the citizen of Serbia. Statute that regulates this matters (In Serbian its Zakon o državljanstvu from the year 2007) proclaims in article 9 that child born abroad acquires the citizenship of Republic of Serbia, if one of its parents is  Serbian citizen. It is also necessary, according to this Statue, for that parent to apply to diplomatic or consular mission of Republic of Serbia,  in order to begin procedure of registration of his (or hers) child in citizenship of Serbia. I advise you inquire further in the details of procedure in Serbian embassy to The Kingdom of Sweden.  I am not quite sure where on our website have your clients found the information that you mention in your e-mail.  I do believe that they misunderstood something in some of articles published on our website, since the law clearly speaks in their favor. I want to thank you for your e-mail, and i hope that you found my response to helpful. 

With kindest regards and hope for future cooperation,

 Pro Bono